Eco-Green Biodegradable Reusable
Shopping Bags & Water Bottles

affordable alternative to plastic ...
a positive choice for the environment



    ESAS Trade, LLC has been a premiere provider of reusable bags and reusable water bottles to wholesale customers. Our wholesale customers include national supermarket chains, independent health food stores, non-profit organizations, national/international distributors, and even local parent/teacher associations doing fundraisers for their school community. For custom printed bags or for custom designs, please contact us at 1-703-675-5446 or by by email.

    Custom Design
    Custom packaging, design and manufacture is available to companies seeking to package, merchandise or expand their product line. We produce reusable bags and water bottles to your specifications and material.

    Custom Printing
    Make your customers part of your marketing plan with custom printed Reusable Bags and Reusable Water Bottles. Wherever they go, your message will go too. Think of Reusable Bag and Bottle as a Bag and Bottle of the new millennium... a useful promotional product with a positive environmental statement. Choose bags from non-woven, PP, jute, organic, natural, recycled, hemp, cotton, canvas and more; standard or "made to order" sizes and bottles made from reusable stainless steel and comes in 12, 16, 21, 27 and 40 fluid ounces with silver, red blue or eco-green colors.

Customized Reusable BPA Free Stainless Steel Water Bottles & Canteens and Eco Green Reusable Shopping Bags


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